Flight programme for October 25th

This how that day will look like:

08.30: You arrive at the site (Novespace facilities for flights departing from Bordeaux Mérignac, Business Jet Terminal for flights departing from Le Bourget).

You will be welcomed by the Air Zero G team, who will provide you with your flight equipment (overalls, helmet, footwear).

You will then be placed in a group of 10 persons (which are given the evocative names of a planet: Saturn, Mars, Venus, etc.) and introduced to the two instructors for this group, who will be accompanying you throughout the flight.

9.15: Briefing. The staff will give a presentation about the arrangements of these parabolic flights (in French and in English), how they are carried out, and the various rules of procedure which are to be respected in order to avoid any unnecessary risk and to get the very best out of this extraordinary experience.

Jean-François Clervoy will do his best to realize this briefing personnally.

10.15: After a break, you visit the aircraft with your Zero G instructor.

10.45: A group photo is taken in front of the Airbus A300 ZERO-G, and you board the aircraft.

11.00: Takeoff. After the conventional safety demonstration on board, you will remain peacefully seated while the aircraft ascends to the parabolic procedure area.

12.00: The big moment has arrived. You and the other members of your group and the instructors go into the weightlessness experience area of the aircraft. For a whole hour the pilot will carry out a cycle of parabolas and rest periods.

After a Martian parabola (at 0.38g) and two lunar parabolas (0.16g), you will experience weightlessness, going through twelve Zero G parabolas in succession, under the supervision of your instructor.

13.00: End of the parabolas, and return to planet Earth. You take your seat again for the descent and landing.

13.30: Landing. You disembark from the Airbus A300.

14.00: You will share a meal with the whole Air Zero G crew.

14.45: Debriefing with all the participants and the test pilots who have been flying the aeroplane. An official Air Zero G Weightless Flyer diploma will be issued to you

15:30: Jean-François Clervoy will share with you his space experience

16.30: End of a truly memorable day.


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