Yesterday was the biennial TdLR or German Aerospace day in Cologne. There was so much to do. Not doable in a couple of hours. We (my son and I) arrived just after 10 o’clock. It was already crowded. When we walked to the EAC (European Astronaut Training Centre) we met another Spacetweep and spent the next hours with him. We visited the new Envihab, the EAC (unfortunately not everything), the NBL (the training pool) and saw some planes. In the EAC we saw a presentation of a couple of European astronauts.


Andreas Mogensen, Thomas Pesquet, Léopold Eyharts, André Kuipers and Hans Schlegel (the ESA liaison in Florida). When André saw me hugging my son he smiled broadly. He’s really a very nice guy.

Later we saw the announcement of the name of the mission of Alexander Gerst. Blue dot.


Thomas Reiter, Alexander Gerst and Frank de Winne. We also saw Frank de Winne at the NBL.

At the NBL I was able to ask a question to Andreas Mogensen (about Luca’s suit). I tweeted my thank you and he replied with My pleasure. We talked also to Hervé Stevenin, who tweets regularly about his trainings in the pool.


We met some spacetweeps at the Socialspace tent. Always good to meet them and meet new tweeps. We visited the planes with Eico, Alex, Leo, Pink Little Dragon and the famous spacechicken Camilla. I was able to show them my Zero G plane. Can’t wait!

zero g flight


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