Presentation of the prize at ESTEC

Yesterday I visited the amazing ESA location, named ESTEC. Located between Katwijk and Noordwijk (behind the dunes) it is a place where fascinating ‘stuff’ happens. I was really excited to be able to visit it again. I visited it at the ESTEC Tweetup (in October 2011) and during the AndreTweetup (May 2012).

First the presentation of the prize:

Standing beside me are Anneke Le Floch and Vladimir Pletzer. They are experienced parabol flyers. Anneke is a really good photographer (really beautiful photos of her everywhere at ESTEC) and has the record for most parabolic flights by an European woman. Vladimir has flown over 6.000 times in 11 different parabol planes. He will also be there at October 25th. In his freetime (yes, it’s an addiction).

There were 2 reporters. Han Kuiper of radio Bo interviewed me for his radio show and he made a short text for their website with 7 photos. You can find this at:
Han was also at the AndreTweetUp in May 2012 and knows André quite well. Very nice to have met him (again).

There were also 2 people from a magazine from a career exhibition. I did my best to promote technical and health studies.

After a nice lunch I got a tour of some of the facilities (LSS, some shakers and other cool stuff). It was a fantastic day and I enjoyed it a lot.

ESA has updated their webiste and added one photo from yesterday

Yesterday my interview appeared in the local newspaper. A whole page! And a small photo and headline on the front page. I get many nice comments about it.



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