Baikonur Trip

In 2 weeks time I’ll see my first launch ever. I’ll travel to Baikonur with a group of 16 space enthusiasts to watch Alexander Gerst (DE), Maxim Suraev (RU) and Reid Wiseman (USA) launch into space. They’ll stay approximately 6 months on board of the ISS.

Baikonur must be a really interesting place. The site where the first man in space, Yuri Gagarin, launched. You can find there over 50 years of Space History.

The departure to Baikonur from Moscow on 26 May is at 8.55 AM. The flight is serviced by Tulpar Air with a Yak 42. Doesn’t sound comforting.

The launch will be at night at 1.56 AM (actually on 29 May).

On Friday we will leave Baikonur at 15.30 PM. I’ll spend that night and the next morning in Moscow (Hotel National on the Red Square).

What we will do and see between arrival and departure is a big surprise. Of course we will see some launch site, the city of Baikonur and the 2 museums.

More on the mission of Alexander Gerst at:


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