The adventerous flight to Baikonur

The flight to Baikonur would leave at 9.30 am from Moscow Domodedovo, but they kept delaying the flight. Because Tulpar Air wasn’t allowed to fly, in stead of flying with a Yak 42 we flew with a Tupolev 154. Apparently this plane crashed in 2011 (see and after repair still flew. It didn’t look that safe but we survived.


The flight went all right and the landing was very smooth. It’s the only plane that landed that day. There’s a great fountain outside the airport to get us in the mood.


The hotel Tsentralnaya was okay. It had hot water, working airco and great breakfast.

We went for diner at Arabat (the main street in Baikonur) and then saw some space monuments in Baikonur.


Group photo for the Sergei Korolev statue

There’s a real Soyuz rocket in Baikonur:

The statue of Yuri Gagarin in the twilight

The party tent of Baikonur


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