In the news

I only post things that are realy remarkable in my opinion or things I experienced or heard first hand.

At this moment I follow a Coursera course titled “Origins – Formation of the Universe, Solar System, Earth and Life”. Highly recommended. They use the findings in the univere to explain life on Earth and vice versa. What triggered life on Earth and may lead to life forms on other planets outside the Solar System.

The Rosetta mission of ESA has been in the news for weeks now. And fully justified of course.
The following first findings got my attention.

Organic molecules are found on the comet. This isn’t a great surprise because organic molecules have been found by comet Halley (Giotto in 1986) and by Comet Wild 2 (Stardust 2004). Organic molecules can be the building blocks of life. “Scientists still aren’t sure what kind of organics — carbon-containing molecules that are the building blocks of life on Earth — were found.” (see

Exciting weeks for science!


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