Welcome home Alexander Gerst event in Bonn

The DLR (http://www.dlr.de/dlr/en/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-10002/) organised a Welcome Home Alexander Gerst event in Bonn on 8 December in die Bundeskunsthalle. Some of the #CallAlex participants were also present. There was live music and a lot of German astronauts. And Alexander Gerst of course. Great to see him in such a good shape after the turbulent landing in Kazahkstan.

Afterwards we were able to see the Outer Space exhibition. The Mercury capsule named Liberty Bell7 was the highlight of the exposition. It was Launched in 1961. After a flight of 15 minutes it splashed down in the ocean and only in 1999 they were able to recover the capsule. The hooks which were used in an attempt to recover the capsule by helicopter in 1961 were stil there. More on Liberty Bell7 here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury-Redstone_4







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