TDLR 2015

Once every 2 year the German Aerospace Day (TDLR) takes place. 2 years ago I visited it for the first time, just weeks before my Zero G flight. See for my blogpost of TDLR 2013

It took place on 20 September in Cologne, near the airport. This time I tried to see different things than last time. A visit to the Rosetta Lander Control Center of DLR was high on my wish list. You can read more about it at:

IMG_2642 IMG_2646IMG_2845

There were also scientists who explained the audience about the boldest mission of ESA and there were also maquettes of the Lander and Comet 67P.

Next we visited the training hall at EAC:

The last time we only got to see the Colombus training module and this time we saw the rest.

Hereafter we went to the airstrip where a couple of planes are on display. The waiting line for the new Airbus of Emirates was too long. Maybe next time. It’s great to wander around and see the new Zero G airplane on display.


We were just in time back at the stage to see a lot of astronauts on stage. Great talks by a couple of them like Andreas Mogensen who had just returned from a short stay at the ISS.




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