Solar Eclipse 2017

Our trip to the Solar Eclipse on 21 August is planned. We plan to see the solar eclipse in Rexburg, Idaho. Totality will last 2 minutes and 17 seconds in Rexburg and Rexburg has a high chance of clear skies in summer. We’ll keep a close eye on the weather forecast and are able to drive to another place.

More info about the solar eclipse in Rexburg can be found at:,_2017



Solar Eclipse 2017

There was a total solar eclipse in Africa yesterday. What a spectectular view.

I have never seen a total solar eclipse. I was at home when the one occured in Europe in 1999. I regretted not seeing that one. So seeing a solar eclipse is on my bucket list. The next good one will take place on 21 August 2017 in the US. I’m planning to be there. Maybe see some other space and astronomy related sites in the same week.

Path Solar Eclipse 2017:


path solar eclipseTotal_Solar_Eclipse_2013_3